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id you watch the recent and providing metrics tor damage stovall. ”W2 are excited to partner witti
winter olympicsi seeing prevention pertormance. in short, they Damage Prevention Academy and
well-trained athletes win are committed to improving worktorce cold shovel standard to make damage
gold medals as they appear and public satety and the integrity of prevention training more accessible
to pertorm the impossible 7 well, it's vital buried intrastructure than it has ever been."
“}‘:‘_“b°“‘ “.'‘‘’“g}‘ “’ '_',‘“k“ V“ 3”" “P Achieving cold shovel Smndard Damage Freventlnn Academy is
' “*9 "“’"““5 ‘“’““‘”’ certiiication demonstrates recognition dedicated to providing industry
But lets not get crazy. You can still win of continued teaming and quallty satety leading damage prevention and ground
the gold by working with Texasall, procedures, along with an investment disturbance consulting and e-leaming
and you can keep your donuts in the in best practices and adherence to solutions.
bargain. Federal and state laws. ,, , .
There s no reason why leaming
Texassll is now orteiing the Gold Gold shovel standard believes that shouldn't be botti tlexible and
shovel standard certiiication training greater transparency in all aspects of enjuynble," says Iay stephens with
courses These are available online damage prevention among buried-asset Damage Prevention Academy "The
to utility compaiues and contractors operators. locators and contractors online courses we are deliveiing with
throughout Texas. The training is essential to drive continuous Texasall are not only cost eiiective but
materials and technology tor this eiiort improvement, and vital to ensure stimulating and entenaining."
are provided by Damage Preventlon increasingly sate ‘working conditions A Fan Di mg flaming Framed’ gm
Academy, based in calgary, Alberta, and communities. .
Cmdl n‘ d I h E H h to iurther T222581! statewide damage
e e ivery mec anism o a t is prevention e orts.
The comprehensive training covers the knowledge is the Damage T-revention Cumpmm ‘mmmd in Tms8u.S
cold shovel standard, state laws, rules, Academy, a proven leader in eleammg . .
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regulations and industry best practices The Damage Prevention Academy

. . _ _ . . program can register or find out more
when excavating within the state or was iounded on the core principle that . .

. _ intorrriation at tzrris811.tmirimg or for
Texas. damage prevention is truly a shared
, . . . responsibility, something that Texassll ‘“‘“‘°’ d“”“" °"“‘““‘ “Y 5“P*‘““"
it by chance you aren tiamiliar with . with Damage Freventlnn Academy at
Gold shovel standard, they are a “gm” WM‘ Wl‘““'h““"“"V /aytwdaviagepmeiitioriacadcmycoiii. The
nnnplofil advocacy group led by key "We believe getting to that magic Damage Prevention Academy website
stakeholders dedicated to public and number of zero damages is achievable, is www.dmIIl1gIpYEv('rl;‘)0VI/1£/1t1Z1II_l/ com
worktorce satety at excavation sites but only it we all work together," says cold shovel standard can be round at
by certifying sate-work practices Texasall president and CEO chiis wwwgaldshovrlsf/Ind/1rt1 coiii. '
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