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hen l started my postman Had the restaurant manager asked me at me telt that someone was going
as a safety manager and what the restaurant could do to make to receive, at a minimum, a dressing
risk and low manager things right with me and gotten me down tor striking the line. Instead, we
many years ago. Imade out or the store as happy as l could be determined our speciiic course of action

a quick stop for lunch at a fast food atter the experience, the time tor a true and each person's responsiliilities. we
resmurant» I returned to the aifice and investigation could come atterwards. had the repairs done saiely, quickly and
removed the food from the bag then Assesslng where things went wrong, with no lasting adverse media coverage
l noticed that semetzne had aettltally and potentially blaming the culprit staff and no satety issues. what went wrong
taken a bite out 0* e lnlrger l aol been member, should have occurred out of and what could have been done to
given. Irate, I returned to the restaurant m resence. The same is true with our avoid the situation was a to ic tor later
and requested to speak to the manager buillfilesses, our employees. discussion. while certainly Em a "win,"
to arr my eamvlarnt Her reaction was h . _ matters could have easily been much
to immediately and with me awaitrng W ‘“ 3 “mg “"2 " ”"“““ ‘“‘_‘ worse. Focusing on resnluriun was
some sort of resolution at the counter, damagedi W en an employee rs “llllmdr dgfinimly the emwet here

eentmnt the Stet, in en ewetent all torces should be motiilized to meet

attempt to amt Dul wtte Wee te gteme satety requirements and "l1eal” the The redemption that an employee can
white, eventttetty opted te, e tettmet situation. Assessing blame leaves teel about making asituaoori right and
end “eve, tetttmeet to the teetetttem the pmblemlunrzsolved. It does not getting lieyond the incident itselt can
teem, the teem t teamed was tmty (ran: an nliltlldenltu remain or flu be lead In; me: llrI:itl1f1ALlhErE(wulb1ltlng
mvetuebte pro ssiona , it o y promotes ear. o t e speci cs t t e to pro em

This lack of resolution is uniurtunatzly as well. This helps contritiute to a more

The many trmes, when somethlng oiten a poor reflection on the company appropriate solution in the future. And
goes Wrong on a lab (from injury to and the individuals involved And the situation can deiine a leader in the
Pnalaerty damage, from a safety crtatron oiten the media is there to record and process.

to a lrrod-roman problem an the lab), memorialize any such issues. .

the rust step is to assess blame. while lam not sure that there as a moral te he
tttttmetetyl e met eettee enetyete Dr several months atter this, our iyorkers derived irom receiving a panially eaten
some mt gt tnveettgefien ts eettteet strucka mismarked water line in burger, but in this case, looking beyond
teepeetetty white etetette ere ertep mt a prominent location. All the local the incident and leacnmg was certainly
evidence is fresh), the iirst step should channels were Present and reeardrns hell>hal- I

not be blame; it should be resolution. Wt a=t|Dns- We had Pr-or to thelr

meme eetttevee ttttte te emeet the arrival, huddled to determine our Mv i,t.~i,..»ta...iy Mimi as ice ,...s.a.»at ti/the Cmvgt‘
ettuetten amt empteyeee teemtg best course ui action. l could sense gslgcl .<.._ Co, Inc, flflflilmllklllg Nlelntfavlllovrillflll
consequences are uflen distracted fmm that many of these employees lavlong ‘W’

their true mission.

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