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~ fyou are a regular reader of this magazine, you already know
y ‘ Itl1nlT2xa»811, our members and the excavators who routinely
' ~ use the 311 system are dzdlcilled to damage prevention You
i are probably part of the solution. lt has been my experience that
\ the men and women who work in this industry ”get II” and
have a sinrere desire to continue to make things loetter, improve
awareness and increase safety we see many people every day who
i really eare about improving damage prevention and public safety
in Texas and our experience working with stakeholders who really
eare has inspired us. lt is that inspiration that encourages us to set
our sights on one of the liiggest goals we have ever undertaken
zero damages
we believe that by working together, leveraging the latest teehnology, and
regularly oommumeating with one another, we ran consistently move the
needle in the dizzctlon of zero. we believe it is a worthwhile endeavor and
that to aim for anything less would be selling ourselves and our mission
short My letter this quarter is to the regular reader of this magazine l want
to thank you in: being a part of the solution and helping to make our state
sater. our commitment to you is eontinuous improvement. we will work
for you and alongside you eaoh and every day toward our goal of zero.
Chris Sm\/EH
President and CEO
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