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rpehne. are the energy lIfcIInL‘~ nr many of ear darIy actIvIl|L‘~, from dnvmg
enr eh.IrIren tn .-eheoI and hcaung our humca, to buymg gmcL‘r|I:a at the
slum delivered by truck~ that run en d.e.eI.
The U.S.11as' the Iargcsl network of energy pnaehne. (if any natmn m
P I P E I I N E the werId. There are mum than 2nu,ouu nulcs 0! ml plpchncs and atumuo mIlcs'
(if natnraI gas prpehne. aII acrchs the country. Thcsc lmcs are tucked undcx nnr
~trcL‘l~, lhmugh nL‘IghbuIhu1.»d~' and c()mmunIuc~‘, and lmvclxng below rarmIand,
forcsh and (inserts. smee Amcn:zIn~' eemnme nnere than my mxllmn ga1Iom of
petreIemn products pcx day, prpehne. are an ciscntxal tomponcm ui enr natrnns
mrra.tmetnre. wtthnnt thenn enr roads‘ and hIghwzIy~ wenld be <\\'cn'un wnh
tram trymg tn nntet tlm dcmr1nd.AcmrdInglo NzInoIm1Tmn~pI.»rlzItIun satety
Board .-tatnttm, p1pL‘llnc~' are the ~'afL‘~t, me.t rclmblc manner rnr tmn~'p<Irun;; emde
ml and ether llqund petroleum pmducts. P|pL‘lInc owners and operators are ever
mmdful at the misty of (host around them and they .tnetIy tnnew preven safety
1 prneednre.
5 '
,; Many prpehne enmpame. re;n1arIy an IndItaIIon III Ihw Im'»~I'II=<v
I ‘ “Pm mm ,,g1,M,f,Wfly “mg m appmxlmatc Iaeatmn, nnatenaI earned
‘ _‘ [M 0, mh,dC Pm,,,_ mm tmmd and the name and enntaet Infnxnmlxnn
In~pL‘:loh look rnr petentraI danger ha of the mmvany III-It <=I>I‘mI<'~ Ihc
. I I‘ p1pL‘lmL‘~ .-ueh a~' constxucuon acuuty PlIP='IIIlI‘» MIIRCI? III-W be fIny\~I1fI<l'r= d
‘ er ugrm of gm er lxqund luak~ The.-e I “K In “K W0 M ay (I ~IrIp 0 an
,,,,Pm,(,,,, along mu, Fwy,“ ,m,m usually abent 25 tn 150 teet wrrIe that
are tn cnsum the wcunty and mtegnty c<=IIIaIII~ I PIPdIrII‘> 0! dImrI1y I-tvrr
0; [hm “ml the p|pIlIi‘lInCl|lt~'cl[b'I'hI:C mdt1rk§r~ arel
enera I In ew, ae an re m :0 er.
. : P|Pl‘1“‘L‘ mmParII<'~' kccv In I<IIIc1I ihc pIpc)lI)nc may net follow a .trarght

. on A regular bash WIIII I‘mI‘rs<'rI<.v ennr.-e between maxkcxa. wh.Ie marker.
. eIhe.aI. and work wtth local emergency am. helpful ,,, ,m,,,,g P,Pd,m.,., mm,

1 mspm-dm along P|PL‘1“'"-‘ rIzhI~— do not preyrde Inlormauon ~uc11 a. '

I - own)’ In CM III an cmcrsrnwr hew nnany prpehnm are below er the
, : ><=nI<'IImv~ even ImInIrIg WIIII hm depth of the Imcs. The primary Iunclmn

. department. nr haznxdonw matenaI. 0; .I.a.a ,,mm. ,, .0 ,dc,,.,;,, um

I ur-II~' Evvn IhoIIr4h II lwk or ~PI1| Is Iocalmn oi the p|pL‘linc gcncmllv a. an
I I‘xImmI‘1>' urI1I|<d.vr P|PL‘1“"L‘ mmI>anI<'~' aIert to thme whe might be wer'Iemg

. pmvldc mtnrmatmn lnkc that whteh mug um P,,,d.,.a m,,,.d.,, 50, No.1.“
: you WI" find °III1Icf<>I1vwIIIIz raga ntrhty er dunng the eon.-trnetten nr

- that WI" PI”‘~‘P'“‘~‘ you In Ilm I‘vI‘r-I Ihat heme. or bu~Incs'ans nearby. You xhould
- It rIne. neeur Then hope n te mntmne be Mm. 0, any Fwy,“ mmku, m

I I0 bc a IIIIICI Imzhbvr and Pm\'Ide your nL‘IghbuIl\uod. As the .avmg

. yen wrth k11I~ Important mxarrnanon gm, -IKHW you, ,.a.E}.bu,,_~ WW

I to hvlv If you ~u~P=cI II PY°b‘““ In down the name and phonn number.-

. ynnr area. mpehne tompamei lake the aPPm,,ng 0,, ‘he P,Pd,,m mmkm, m

: safe nperatrnn ui thetr rnrraatmchrre CM 0; cma,gmc,,.

. scnously, whreh Includes pmlecung

: you, ;am.1y, you, Pmpmy and am Ifipulxnu mt1rkhL‘r~ are tnnpnrtant for

, envrmnment. Izeeame of thta dihgence, I I ~II<'I>' MI 0 gm-I‘m1I>IIb1Ir II I~ II

, ,mdm[, M my mm ;erIeraI :lnmL‘ for any peraeréte wxlliully
I c arc, ama L‘, mmuvc or cilmv an

: For your witty PIpdIII€~ am mnrkcd prpehne ugh: er nghl-of»way markeey
_ by abeve ground .-rgm Io pravtde

: sewage 0N me 12

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