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arural gas has been a a populared area rniglii liave dozens iime for the uiiliiies in the area In be
rnamslay of Texas energy or hundreds ui landowners along either inarked or for die coinpanies to
since the early 1900s. a pipeline — and earl. one of iliem respond that iliey have no fatllitles in
connectlng residenis, evennially would like a new rence, tree iliai area. ln Texas, state law requires a.
commerce and industry through a or mailbox leasi two-wnrklng days noiice.
f'“d‘ °f “"2” “‘“‘ "‘’‘‘°'“”’ “"3's wl.y ii's so Impurlsantllo call 811 a liigli pressure iransmission
or go online laezore any digging attlvlty, line or ullllty sliould cross die

And while ga~ lransnusslon eomvanles Tin. said. "llie gas indusiry does a good proposed worksiie, exisiing uiiliiies
have always sought to locate high iob of rnoniioring ilieir pipelines and should loe lreaied with respect and
pressure rransrnission lines in less- mzlintninlng signage at eaol. road or kid gloves And «lie location of the
Populated areas. as towns grow beyond properry line crossing. But doesn't underground filcillty sl.ould never be
ilieir original borders, onen rliose allzvlatz a l.orne- or business-owner's iaken for granted.

pipelines end up in places you rniglii responsibiliry lo contacl Texasall twD- Ummzfi mmmm“ am,‘ whm they
nnl expect working days laeiore .l.ey plan to dig we Expmed to be due [0 mm“ Dr
Tin. Mason, direcior ofheilllh and "Our employees are responsible for relocarion, so always dig wirli cautlon
saiery wllh Enable lvlidsirearn, and a pipeline pairol, making sure they are and use sarer digging iecliniques like
reslslererl envuonmental manager. has adequaiely marked," Tim said. "We vacuum excavation and poilioling
worked in die naniral gas indusrry for make sure rlieyre rnarked line-lo-line around known iaciliries.

decades. He's seen insrances wliere all on roads signs onen disappear, even ,,A_ ‘ h _ an In
kmals of development goes on too of Ihnugh irs a federal uflensz .o dainage h “ ““ :l’§’,‘;1°" ';‘““” _‘“°“ l: . l’
formerly rural in.=raslrucrure. or remove iliose signs, and we replace P1‘j’:7,“,? Tim ‘:3’  d
"I've seen pipelines loeaied below liigl. ‘}‘“"-" quesiion, because we live in a dynamic
school football fields, golf courses and Tin. said crews orien coirie up will. environmeni Dun'l assuine ii’s deeper
even eondos." Tin. said. crzatlvz ways like inlaying rnarkers in and safe io dig even if you'm going
Them,‘ nothing Wong mm dmloping concreie lo denole pipeline crossings io dig wliere you dun'l see inarkers.

._ as a less inirusive way to mark a You stlll need tn call Texasau to ensure

properry Lhal exisis above underground . . . , . . _

. . . pipeline, but siill make i. obvious that a mere aren I any uiiliries dial can eause
inrrasirucrure, and pipelines are by far H _ _. 1 . ‘ mm mm flan Y ,,

ilie saiesl mode ui transportation for ““"“‘°*‘°“ PW‘ ‘"2 ‘‘ Pm“ 5‘ 5‘ '

lhis we of energy But it's important Where can Idig? we all live, work and play near iniiliiple
for the folks wlio inlmbll ilia. area to be H I d Yh h kinds ui underground uiiliiies. As-
aware of wliai lies beneaili ilieir feel. Y“ P ““ ‘C’ ‘E 7“Y“ "9 ““ 9 long as we rrea. me... will. re.-peel and

uniled siares, you re requlmd by _
. . deference, ilie nsk of ever encountzrlng
In rural areas. there -nlghl be one iederal law to call an or submit a iirkel _ ._
. .liem in personis iinlikely .
landowner for several square iniles. But online and waii a specir-ied penod of
o . Texzsall 2019, Issue 1

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