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 hat Can Hurt MC I Odély?
amen. Malina
§r';WCs:'r°e7a"s""" MW” very day befum our work a way to verify. Miliganng a hazard
M5811 begins, we slioiild go Lhmugh like evidence of an unmarked iacilily
some type ui process [0 could be calling baek in for locatur or
evaluaie Lhe work for rlie stopping wurk if lliey eneounier an

day as well as the associaied liazards iindergrriund line. Making a second
This process can include a seli-olieek call is lmpnrlanl

as well as a wurk area inspeciion and "De "'5 of M" be mummy ,,
inspeclion of lools or eouipmeni 7 '

I Duung Lliis proeess a main obieciive wrong. Loeaior depilis are
r ‘ should be ideniiiying hazards so ilial appmximatz Depths of utlllries cannot
1 , you can take sieps to eliminate or be assumed. ucililies musl be exposed

mitigate rlie liazards iound one useful (1: determine depili A przdlctnble
questiun to ask yourself before a work liazard is a mislocaie or iailure io

iask begins is, "What can liurl me? loeaie. The only way lo assess that is

’ ». ‘ sure, in may seem dark and negaiive ‘d:d:“1:::““d::‘:I'f::‘;‘:d‘?1°:‘:;‘:“fl'::'
- , to ask yourseli this nglii as your iyz 5 3
. workday begins or when siarling P V
 a new work lask but it can make ”Thi5 (damage or mjur-y]mn’fh11py2n
- _ . a diicerenee in recognizing the to mt."
. I -Ii; V hazard‘ um mu” '"‘'"E V“ C.“ wrong. nie common Ground Alliance
someone else that day. Asking Lliis . .
, g . _h m I 1 d (CCA) reporis Lliai a line is liil every
:2 ““°"“°" ” °“ "3g“V"“ °" °" ““ six minutes some crews are luck
I» really look around your work area and * *' . * . V’
,_ \- 2 eonsider what dangers you are dealing ““”P‘*: “T F;""‘f‘ ""'“‘ ““”‘}f’ “‘1“’Y
N. Wm nor IIICI en . on ever, many ave
faced severe iniury, expensive repair
.; Take ior insianee a planned excavation, eosis, oulages and iragieally ~'um2
V  ' ‘ you sliould ask yourself: literally do noi live to see anollier day.
_*_’ ', - ls lliere an aciive one call? Identliylng liazards and following
. _ . . _ processes is nut worili muoli ii you
‘, D“‘ ‘ ‘”““ "3 “‘“”‘7 do not see to II that they are properly
‘ - Did every ulillty respond, is II really addressed and eompleled Take ilie
l ‘ safe to dig? lime and energy In properly mihgatz
V li li. d .- l v‘ll b
i -  ;:a::?:i;,‘;l‘7:,:lxrriiJ::.i
, - . Identifying uncontrolled hazards cuwnrkem
w - includes calling 811 for a one call iiekei Wm _ . . d_ d M‘
w: ._ beiore exaavalion. Yuur lite and I112 are  dT‘:‘“ ‘
‘"9’ °‘ ° 9" “‘°P‘““ °“ “ workplace asking yourselicniieal
Lers dispel a few negacive pelceptlons questions such as ”Wl\.1l(an hurt me
,egmi;,.E damage pm,.3,,.;m tuday?" can lngger you iake the extra
' U I , Ul1\2ID really evaluale a iask. Every
My rvsponsdnhty /or dam/Ix? crew needs (D have lailgaie meeling
V"""""" "'45 "1"?" 1 “U 311- ff while onsile lieiore slarring the job.
I SW-ethmg haw"-5 311 '5 1"1“P- Take ownership of liazards in your
/ wrong. 311 does not locale lines. They wvrk am and we to 11 ‘hat they get
eourdinale with uliliiies and «heir fixed. After all, yuu never knuw what
locaiing tn liave the area locaied. safeguard ur action my make the
diiierence in preventing an iniury or

”Na marks : no utilities” dead,

wrong. If iliere are no marks, lliis [:01 mm ,,,f,,,,,,ag-(,,, on damage
could médn it has not been ‘vealed preveniion and the one call proeess,
yet Pas-hve realwme sysmm» an please log on to the T2><as8ll websiie I

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