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Ou will decide ii your survival as is «he ease or our No Dapnrlrnenl." because researeh shows they are
insrincls are a friend or foe «o infrequently used. s«op and ask
the collaboralave «eamwork 3"" “"5 ‘°°“ 3‘ M°“‘°‘ ”““"“ yourseli when you las« «hanked o«her
. «hrough annther sel of eyes. _ .
required far damage Hmficau Lhewwml imtmd has members ui «he damage prevenhon
prevenlion. No, «his ariicle is no« abou« * , Y’ , pack for dning a grea« job? Publically
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psyohobabble, so le« me explain. humm [0 mm Packs M m*mS_ Yam rE('oEll1if‘iI|g(;a:lDh:tl?2r isalgreal way «o
we are hardwired to survive which deparliaienl is a pack wilhin your 9"“ ‘S e“ “ ' 5 V‘ ‘ ‘W’

gives rise «o iigh« or iligh« whenever eompany which is itself a pack. The 3. Reasszrt Control.

we ereeive h sical or s chulo ‘cal Dania 1>reven«ion coiaimuni can .

Lhre:«s lo uufszlcurity. lg:/3 been 5?. also bf? considered a pack cons?sting of Team‘ “’““‘ °”“‘.‘“‘ “‘ "‘““.““““3” 5“

. _ _ . _ . «he essenee onhis s«ra«egy is allowing

orgamzntmnal consiilmn« far over several individual packs, i.e., one call and “sung Gum membm of mg
thirty years and see «hese insonc«s cen«ers, Excavators, Utility companies, d h. ‘E 1“ d h I
working every day. For example, l'iai eommuni«ies, polirioians, e«c. Now le«'s ‘h“;‘:E‘:lf2':"““ ‘“‘ ““ W‘ “ "" 3
currenlly working wi«h a depar«men« address how pada can work logetl12r— * ‘

Lh.-i« has «he repularion uf being the eollaborarively. I'll begin with «he Lhree My Embellishment

‘NC Department" within Lhe eompany. slraiegies nffemd by Lisa l<wan and

Thai is, whenever «here is a reouesl «hen Dffez an ernbellishriien«. K‘f‘$P;“‘ ‘f “"99 ‘:°"l“““‘_} .

for eoopera«ion «he reques«er hears no, . °" “ ‘“ V? “"“"°' 5 '“ 5”"

we Cm,‘ an am Sm“, H1 msfims at 1. Gmup ldzntxty. wi«h «hal said, however «here are
work: The sad parl ui «his s«ory is «he This aii«hor con«ends «ha« every 3‘ 153;‘ ‘““’ “”‘“°““‘ ’"“‘3‘“* ‘“
deparimen« manager didn't know «heir «earn rmisl rnain«ain its own iden«i«y ‘°““ 2"

repii«a«ion until l repor«ed i« «o hirii. dehned by «he nanire of i«s work and 1. “I” in Tzumwark

. ‘ - - . E b uh d
Researcher Lisa l<wan wro«e aboii«  “am 3:35“ cnnuaw ,0 um um did“: _ mm gs
leariiwork blind spo«s in her ariicle, The Emu mud Di its mnmiufion in only a we in «eam every individual
collalioralion Blind s ol dial a eaied . Y P . . wiihin ihe dama e reveniion
P "P keeping «heir iespeelive communi«ies E P

in In remnl Harvard Business Review Sm community needs tn undersmnd «heir
(March 2019). She saxd, groups feel ' ireednm uf choice iinderwriies «he
Lhreaiened when o«hers are enoroaching 2. Rea/‘y’1'rm Legitimacy. derision «o be a eollabora«ive «eam

°“ the" '“""°"“"‘ s°"“""‘°" sa in «hank Ou mus« be twn of «he ""““"" °‘ “°" Th"? 3” "““Y
iollowing ins«inc«s ge« people in «roulile Y E, Y _ rlwhysw somauna chooses M. m ha 3

more rhfficull words «o verlialize,
1a . Teussll 2019, isioes

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