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By Larry cole, PhD.

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collaborative team member, and my of my organizational Consulling career, socially aceeptable manner. lmagine tor
guess is a "dlstuned ego" is a primary the major challenge teamts) face is a moment how easy providing teedbaek
driver. (This is a story fur another time.) team membeis making the decision to could be it team members adhered to
2' Helping Each mm W Sm!“ Soxeogiere to this simple teamwork gfeldziaull position that teedback is a
C°““"‘“““’“ ‘“"?“’°"‘ ‘‘ “W Wm“ 3. Vision 2) lt just makes common sense that
reading the tollowing steps ask yourselt _

. . . ,. . ,, . every team should want to know how
two questions: 1) Are these behaviors working to aohieve a vision is one am Pmmmm is ‘mpming Bum
within my body? 2) what does it cost to of the more underutilized tools in the ‘aim
use these bzhaviurs? leader's loulbwx. Every Company is ’

working to achieve something so why 3) Teams within the damage

‘ah K“““’ ""}“" W“ “Rd f‘°"‘ “Ch not deiine it and put that deiinition prevention community should evaluate
° “” to work as a poweriul motivational their suceess or working together on a
2) Pmadivzly meet/exceed team variable7 what is more compelling regularly scheduled hula‘.

mEn|beIs' expzctntinns. than a damage prevention community In Clams

. achieving their visiun or safety? This

3) P'‘“’‘“'‘ ‘mm "‘‘“‘b“‘.‘ feedback vision needs in be the guiding Principle I didn't mean to uvzr-slmplify

“"°“‘ “W 5“““°>'*' “‘ ‘“"““E as team members work to help each collaborative teamwork lnstead
°"P“““°“=* other succeed. l want you to recognize teamwork

4) Accept and use the leedback to 4 A 9 .1. behaviors are already within your
impiove pei-tormanee. ' ‘‘°"" "1" "V behavioral library and using them is

L-t,ht taiil tl -t,-th t .T1kb t td ll
st  t3;aiti.:;:t,‘t,:,“‘;e:,:=,a:,t.,:,sor '“ 3  W“ e '
necessary to help team members to fun ’ h ‘d Eh th
- x, e eam ax

Yes, there will be times when one members Di die damage Preventien methaaletegies to improve employee
team member won't I) have needed or team should do the same. Yes, I Pemmme m maxinflzz fingndgi
eorreet intonnation or 2) tump>2tEnlly> understand the ohallenges to do so. Success HE can be mama a. ,e,,,,.
,<‘_""I>‘e'e fie" 1°b 'f;P°';*b*‘*":S- “"5 1) One has to muster the eoiirage to max100@x"mi1-mm

‘= {W E P" 9“ ‘”°’ *3‘ "“5‘“ ‘=5 “E provide honest teedhack pmvlded in a

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